1997 SAAB 9000 CS (MY97) - 2 L
1997 SAAB 9000 CS (MY97) - 2 L


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you will have to changs bits to suit you. My 97.

SAAB 9000 CS FrontSAAB 9000 CS FrontSAAB 9000 CS Rear

SAAB 9000 CS Front SAAB 9000 CS Off Side

9000 BOOST Test
'W' hose on 0.00 0.39
APC 0.00 0.39
'W' Hose 0.6 0.6
APC 0.00 0.3


ATF oil cooler see here



SAAB 9000 Turbo
SAAB 9000 Turbo
(MY90) - 2 Litre FULL pressure turbo - Automatic.


The MistressThe arse

This is the Babe that introduced me to these cars, of all the motors I have had over the thirty five years of driving, this is it, not sure how many motors I have owned , but it's close to a few. From the Ford Capri 3.5 V8 to the 997 Mini's ( Gwad, were they crap), had an E type once, kept her for a week, 'A DOG; still made a profit.

Bought her for £6,500 with 63,000 on the clock in 1996 to replace a dead Renault 25, which I had had for three years. When I chopped her in for Mistress # II she had 195,000. Six years of great driving, 22,000 miles average over that time,per year. One set of tyres, a DI cassette, one Battery, Four Discs, three sets of front pads, two sets of rear. Service by SS Motors of Southampton every four months. But I started to neglect her :-(((( in 2002 she failed her MOT, Steering rack, and a few other 'Minor' things, if only I had know about SAAB Scene then :-(((. Still I have these three Photos to remained of her.


Some information on the 9000 Saab H engine


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