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SAAB 9000

SAAB 9000 Automatic ATF OIL Change.

(Please read all of this before starting the job).

(How To)

Tools required..

A good jack.

Pair of axle stands.

10mm Ring spanner or Socket and ratchet.

Pair of good pliers, or buy the SAAB tool for removing filter.

Small to Medium (Average) size screwdriver - type, straight edge, for easing triangle plate away from box.

Washing up bowl, (NOT THE WIFE'S) or something to catch 6lts of oil, only approximately 4lts will dump.

Cat Litter.


10 to 15 Litres of ATF, DEXRON II oil cost about £5 to £10 per 5 litre.

Auto Gearbox Oil filter, SAAB part number 7575525, £31.17 inc VAT, approximately.


1:, Jack the car up and place on axle stands

2:, Find the triangle plate beneath the Auto box (as photo below)


3:, Slacken the three 10mm bolts by about 3 to 4 turns.


4:, prise plate away from box, oil will start to weep out..

5:, remove the three bolts, Oil will now drop out of box and hopefully into the bowl you have placed beneath the opening, Triangle plate.

6:, when oil starts to ease, take the pliers (or SAAB tool) and pull the oil filter down to remove, this is the biggie, OIL will now gush out and into your bowl.

7;, go and make yourself a pot of tea while old oil drains.

8:, Below are the parts that you should now have on the deck.


Oil filter, plate with magnet, 3 x 10mm bolts

9:, Clean UP your bits.


10:, Replace filter, OPEN end in first so as the spikes face down towards opening, (DO NOT FIT NEW OIL FILTER AT THIS STAGE) refit plate and tighten bolts.

11:, Try not to make a mess, This is what the Cat Litter is for by the way! :-)

12:, Remove Air Vent, should have a green top, Look at photo below.

13:, So as not to spill ATF all over the box, squeeze a funnel into hole centre air vent, see pic below for example.

(one thing to look at here is the Air vent, give it a good clean inside, they do get blocked, this is not a common replacement, but worth checking nonetheless).

14:, Now to fill, here I would recommend one (1) litre at a time,

15:, After three (3) fire car up and go through the gears a few time to open all the valves. (with hand brake ON)

16:, Put her in P (Park) and check oil level. The green thing below, wipe with clean cloth and re dip and check again, should be between MIN and Max on cold setting. Top up if needed.

Once happy, drive car for a 100 miles or so then start over from 1, you have done it once, now do it again. What you are doing is diluting the old ATF to get it clean again, NEW, the box holds about 8.2 litres of ATF, the torque converter alone holds about 4 litres on its own. So you remove 50% which leaves 50% old, then after 100 miles you remove 50% and replace with new again. That maybe enough, but you may need to do a third change, you will get a better idea after the second dump., colour of old oil compared to colour of new oil.

Only fit the new filter and O rings when you are happy that that will be the last change.

Something that my good friend Mark B has just reminded me of, Put a smear of new ATF in the 'O' ring groves and onto the 'O' rings themselves to help seal and for ease of fitment.


with dates:- were taken with a Kodak DX4330, 3.1 mega pixel

without date:- were taken with a Samsung D600, 2 mega pixel

Photos Taken by ASJMM

Filter bought from Southampton SAAB

Oil bought from LubeMaster

Exhaust by John



ECU TRIONIC 1994-1998

Bosch fuel injector info

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