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SAAB 9000

SAAB 9000 Outside Temperature Sensor .

(Please read all of this before starting the job).

(How To)

Tools required..

TX25 TENG Tool


The outside temp used to work, then it stopped, just after I fitted Spot lamps to MY97. Now why would it stop working, and where the hell is it? I rang around some people I knew that knew SAABs and they all said the same thing!

If you look down behind the grille and in front of the rad you will see two wires, a Black and a White leading into a connector that is attached to the sender which fits into a hole on a plastic plate.


But could I find it? NO. Why? because it was not there. The plate was, but that's about it. I did find the wires though, coming out of the loom behind the N/S indicator lamp. This was 2 years ago.

Now to do the job in hand!

1:, Remove the grille with the TX25,

2:, Now lift the grille away from the car.

here's a close up.

3;, Grab hold of the Black sender, this is not as easy as it sounds, unless you have very small hands. a bit of a wiggle and she should come away from the bracket.

4:, Remove sender from connector.


5;, Fit new sender to connector, push back into hole it came from, test, refit grille .

6 ;. Go down to .................................


7;. Have a pint - a job well done. ( The Dolphin, Southampton) Trollbooster, you have a PINT or three waiting behind the bar.


ECU TRIONIC 1994-1998

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